Airbus and Australia’s Cablex Renew Global Supply Agreement

Melbourne based Cablex has been awarded an Airbus global supply chain contract for the manufacture and supply of electrical harnesses and bays for ARH Tiger and NH90 Taipan helicopters.

Under the original Australian Industry Investment for the Australian Army ARH Tiger program, Cablex became a critical supplier of electrical harnesses. This was continued for the MRH90 Taipan fleet and through this investment and upskilling, Cablex has become a globally competitive company as evidenced by the enduring contract into the Airbus supply chain.

This strong relationship between both companies shows the confidence Airbus is placing in Australian companies like Cablex, which manufactures complex electrical equipment and cabled structures for the critical aerospace sector. Cablex has also secured an Airbus Award for Best Global Supplier Airbus Helicopters 2016 for Industrial Performance across Quality, Schedule and Total Costs.

“We are very proud that the Cablex high quality Australian manufactured electrical harnesses are in the Australian Tiger and NH90 Taipan helicopters, and also, through our Airbus supply chain, fitted in other helicopters and aircraft. This Australian SME is a globally competitive company important for Australian defence industry and Australian jobs”, said Tony Fraser, Managing Director Airbus in Australia Pacific. 

The award of this contract is a great example of the excellent working relationship and high level of collaboration between the two organisations said Cablex founder and CEO Michael Zimmer.


Tiger pic for media release


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