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Manufacturing and Service Capabilities


Design Assistance

  • Parts selection, installation design, re-design for production or pre-fabrication


  • Custom cable, harness assemblies and systems

  • Electromechanical assemblies

  • Moulded cable assemblies

  • Special process manufacturing-

    • Over braiding

    • Laser marking

    • Taping and foil shielding

    • Coaxial cables - RF/ Semi-Rigid / Microwave

    • Environmental chamber

    • Fibre Optic Solutions

  • 3D Modelling and HFSS Simulation

  • 3D Design – Customer design data can be transferred directly from Solidworks & PTC Creo Parametric,  Catia, Unigraphics etc and can be processed directly into our in house manufacturing system

  • 3rd Party manufacturing services

  • Soldering to IPC-J-STD-001


  • Tailored programming and test solutions for Transport, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defence

  • Fully automated WEE 424, 453, 454, and ABAD test stations, up to 6000 points

  • Insulation and high pot test stations

  • Testing for EMC

  • Temperature cycling


  • Offsite installations

  • Upgrades, modifications, and retrofits

  • Cable routing

  • Termination activities

  • Onsite testing

Planning and Management Services

  • Project planning and management

  • Product/prototyping and engineering services

  • Design assistance and component selection

  • Production and supply chain risk management

  • Configuration management

  • Global supply chain management

Complete ‘End-to-End’ solutions

Cablex provides complete ‘End-to-End’ solutions


  1. Product Development
    Our Project Managers and Engineers work closely with clients to ensure                                                                                                                          that their specific needs are met. We provide value added solutions using                                                                                                                              commercially available components with reduced lead-times and                                                                                                                                            controlled costs. Cablex has established a number of strategic alliances,                                                                                                                          extending its ability to provide competitive and effective solutions.

  2. Manufacturing
    Cablex has extensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities using the                                                                                                                                most current methods, processes, equipment, supported by sophisticated                                                                                                                      test and quality systems, and in house training and expertise.

  3. Testing
    We are able to provide full factory acceptance testing in-house and if                                                                                                                                    required qualification testing can be coordinated with local certified testing laboratories.

  4. Installation & After Market Services
    Cablex field service technicians can provide the additional support of offsite installations including termination activities and onsite testing, upgrades, modifications, retrofits, and spares.

  5. Surplus stock 

       Cablex provides the opportunity to purchase a range of items from our surplus stock list. If you are interested purchasing any of our surplus               items, please email us your requirements and we will contact you.

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