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aerospace / defence

Cablex has established itself as a market leader in providing high

quality cable solutions, integration and test capabilities to the

Aerospace / Defence markets, both locally and globally.

We service the Aerospace / Defence markets with a sustainable,

production ready trained workforce, ensuring complex

manufacturing procedures and stringent quality requirements are met.

Cablex has secured long-term partnering agreements with key suppliers

for the provisions of manufacturing services and joint bids for major contracts.

key programs

  • Eurocopter – NH90 and Tiger Military Helicopters- Supplied harnesses, avionics bays

  • Australian Aerospace – Onsite installation using licensed aircraft maintenance engineers

  • Airbus Military – Electrical Harnesses for A330 MRTT (Multi Role Transport Tanker) Program

  • Northrop Grumman – MESA radar harnesses for Boeing 737 AEW&C platform

  • Boeing Australia – Wedgetail tail cone assembly

  • BAE Systems – Wedgetail & JSF Program

  • Microturbo – APU assembly harnesses for helicopters


Cablex has extensive transportation experience, with a broad

knowledge base of international standards and an established

international supply chain of approved cabling and connector

components specific to the transportation industry.

Cablex supplies totally integrated transport solutions, including

platform installation, assembly and full functional testing of control

cubicles and driver’s consoles.

Key programs

  • Alstom X’trapolis – Manufacture and supply of complete                                                                                                                                              electrical systems for over 50 six-car Melbourne trains

  • Cummins Diesel Australia-Manufacture and supply of traction control boxes and generator cabling kits for use within 92 V-Line Diesel Multiple Units

  • Melbourne Metro – Fleet of 376 Comeng trains. Manufacture and installation of electrical interface wiring kits for the Vigilance Control and Events Recording system (VICERS) program. This includes closed-circuit television, Event Recording and Position of Train System equipment.

  • Yarra Trams Australia- Manufacture and installation of wiring for Ticketing Systems for approximately 400 trams


Throughout its history Cablex has been providing transmission                                                                                                                                              equipment, cable assemblies, engineering support and network                                                                                                                                                    upgrade programs to the telecommunications industry. Cablex has                                                                                                                                                been able to evolve with the industry and continues to provide                                                                                                                                              cutting edge solutions.

Key programs

  • Siemens/Marconi – Providing a range of products and                                                                                                                                                              services related to transmission equipment

  • NEC- Supplied cable assemblies and engineering support for                                                                                                                                                network equipment

  • Telstra/NDC – Manufacture and supply direct to site for network upgrade programs

  • Ericsson – Providing a range of products and services to Ericsson Australia for over 15 years. As a strategic partner, Cablex was                authorised to supply cable assemblies related to Telstra’s fixed and mobile telephone networks including site specific requirements.

  • Alcatel – Authorised to supply cable assemblies and engineering support for network equipment supplied to Telstra


Cablex has a long history of providing a variety of solutions to the electronic industry including scientific instrumentation, ATM, library and postal systems, computer and gaming machine cabling. We also offer a competitive manufacturing option from our India facility.

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