UV Light Disinfection

Powerful UV disinfecting system, clinically proven to safely kill 99.9% of virus and bacteria* to create and maintain healthier places where we work, live and play.

Australia’s Situation


Everyone has the right to go home from a day at work or interacting with the community in the same condition they left home. All employers and service providers have the obligation to provide a safe and clean environment for people to conduct their business. The global pandemic has highlighted a mutual obligation, how do we all prevent the spread of virus and bacteria in our workplaces and communities, safely. Providing properly cleaned and disinfected surfaces is the place to start. Achieving this goal cannot rely solely on your cleaner’s access to adequate training and materials, all of which are costly and variable in the usage and application. We all need a verifiable and definitive replicable approach that enables the community and the workforce to have confidence that their employers and service providers and delivering the clean and disinfected environment, where ever we work, live and play.


Australia has been leading the world in developing a response to this pandemic, our source, track and trace are second to none. As the economy opens up and people return to “COVID normal” this comes with the expectation that everyone is playing their part, social distancing and appropriate behaviours are here to stay. As is the long-term cost of providing clean disinfected work and community places. We cannot let the hard won lessons of this pandemic to be lost. There will likely be similar global pandemic issues in the future. Through the proven and trusted establishment of disinfected environments we will enable our economy to get back on track and for us as citizens to be able to return to a similar life that we previously enjoyed.

The Solution is proven and available


The medical profession has been grappling with these issues at a smaller scale for 100s of years, how to effectively manage and control the spread of highly infectious disease in contained spaces like hospitals and clinics. Aside from highly regulated protocols and cleaning, which don’t scale to the community level the medical profession and water treatment industry has been relying on the use of UV disinfectant technology for over 100 years to deliver a trusted and proven environment and equipment for effective operations. Ultra Violet C light (UV C) has been proven to kill 99.9% of virus and bacteria*  under a diverse range of operational conditions. Unlike other cleaning systems, eg chemical cleaning, when used appropriately pulsed Xenon UV does not significantly degrade the materials it disinfects protecting your capital investments nor does it pose a threat to health from exposure to harsh chemicals.


Across the world we are increasingly seeing the adoption of UV disinfecting into many new environments as businesses adapt to the new operational requirement, (some case studies are attached). Everywhere from office towers, transit carriages, gyms and military vehicles and disinfecting PPE are being fitted with UV disinfectant solutions. Our solution delivers a miniaturised and operationally flexible solution that can be integrated into the day to day life of any workplace.

*Independently validated to kill up to 99.9% of E. coli, S. enterica, S. aureus, Norovirus, human coronavirus 229E (EPA-approved surrogate for SARS-CoV-2) at 2 meters. Laboratory results available on request.


Patented Proven Solution


The Violet Defense solution was selected by Cablex after careful global review of all available solutions, we are determined to play our part in helping to open up the economy as quickly and safely as possible. The Violet Defense patented solution delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability into any operational environment eg mobile systems for PPE, vehicle and equipment disinfection, offices and hospital areas so they are safely and cost effectively disinfected when used as directed. The key difference with Violet Defense is the ability to seamlessly integrate an effective UV system into everyday products, making them self-sanitising.


The Cablex and Violet Defense solution leverages the experience and expertise of both organisations in delivering robust and proven capability to a range of industrial and defence scenarios.


The features and benefits of the Violet Defense solutions are outlined in the table below.

Proven solution with a proven local partner


The Cablex and Violet Defense solution is designed to deliver national benefit to Australia in terms of creating jobs and economic development opportunities in Australia and for the region.

Local manufacturing at scale of UV light disinfection assemblies and further co-development of bespoke systems for unique requirements is made possible through this partnership which includes technical transfer of intellectual property.  Cablex with over 300 local employees has the proven capability to design, engineer and manufacture complex solutions on the ground in Australia.


The partnership leverages the established capabilities of Cablex, co-development with government and local institutions, and the mature supply chain, to further stimulate the local economy. This initiative supports our plan for Cablex to locally develop a range of integrated and ruggedised UV applications for both local and export markets, to support the demanding defence, maritime, transportation, and deployed medical environments.



UV Light Disinfection Overview


SAGE UV Whole Room Unit




Flash Tripod M3 - Office


Clinical Validation Summary


SAGE UV Commercial Micro

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