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Airbus Awards Cablex Best Global Supplier Award For Industrial Performance

Australia’s leading Electrical Systems and C4I solutions provider Cablex is proud to have received an Airbus Helicopters Supplier Award.

The Airbus Helicopters Supplier Award 2016 recognises Cablex as the Best Global Supplier for Industrial Performance across quality, schedule and total costs.

For over a decade, as a strategic partner, Cablex has successfully provided electrical harness, avionic bays and platform integration services to Airbus for NH90 and Tiger platforms globally.

 “A key element of our successful relationship has been communication, lots of hard work and an understanding that each job is delicate and complex,” said Managing Director, Michael Zimmer.

“Every day, our teams work together to find solutions on complex issues. We’ve built a track record of developing innovative solutions and adapting technology efficiently to meet Airbus requirements.”

“A mutual understanding of operations across production, technical and quality areas has been vital”, Mr Zimmer said.

The long established relationship has resulted in an understanding of Airbus tools and the thinking behind what Airbus is looking to achieve and improve overall efficiency.

Cablex looks forward to the ongoing opportunities stemming from our partnership with Airbus into the future.

Cablex accepting supplier award Airbus Helicopters Marignane 2017 coinciding with the Paris Airshow. (left to right: Michael Zimmer, Paul Stokes, Christian Cornille)

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